Сочинение по английскому на тему. Family Traditions

What are familytraditions? Before to discuss this theme I would like to understand what a family is. Family is a group of people, united with blood relationship, having common house-keeping, common budget and so on. But it sounds so formally. Famiy is something more than simply a group. Family is love, attention, readiness to sacrifice oneself for close people. And, of course, a family is traditions.
Traditions are those threads which wrap a family for many-many years. They are the tied link. And any family can't exist without this link.

In any family traditions form for many years and even centures and hand down from a generation to a generation.
Family traditions… Sometimes incomprehensible, sometimes funny for other people, but so nice for my heart. When I think about my family, I remember my childhood, when my mum or dad read for my sister and me tales. We were afraid of darkness and our parents waited till we were asleep. They didn't afford us to sleep fearing anything. It's real care, isn't it?
My parents were always busy, but all Sundays were ours. All Sunday dinners were spent by us together. Mummy cooked something tasty.

All holydays, birthdays were also celebrated together. And even if we are far from home, we always try to go to our parents. And when we are at home after long partings, my mummy take our family photoalbums (we have a lot of them at home) and look through for a long time. And though we know every photo and its story, we listen about them with great pleasure.

Our family has a very big library. And it got a tradition to bring a good, rare book from every travel, every trip.

I can speak and speak about traditions. There are no traditions — there are no family. It's clear absolutely. Traditions make a sense of unity in the family, sense, that close people are near and always ready to help. And if we want to feel support, love, first of all, we should keep our family traditions

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