Сочинение по английскому на тему. Summer Holidays

I may say that school seems to me like a famous saying "Mutton dressed as a lamb". I go along with it because it’s high time we went to school again. I can’t help thinking that summer is over and autumn has come. I was satisfied with my summer holidays. It was a good time to relax from exhausting school days. Besides, during my summer holidays I could do everything I desired. I just played different computer games with my best friends and we made a real tournament between each other. Moreover, we went cycling, roller-skating and spent long hours in the fresh air together.

But then my parents brought me to my granny’s place in the village. She is a pensioner, but she is always in a good mood sewing things for me. Sometimes, she does it for sale and it takes her much time. That’s why I tried to help her about the house and looked after domestic animals. It was a good experience to feed them and it brought me joy.

When I came back home in August I went to Moscow with my football team for competition. We worked hard to make good results and won. We were on the top of the world that we did it. After that we went with our coach to the Red Square and made an excursion about the city. We visited a lot of places of interest such as the historical museum of Moscow, the well-known St. Basil’s Cathedral and the GUM.

In addition, my family and I went camping. We killed two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it was great because we had a good time there, as I went fishing and swimming with my father. He taught me a lot of useful things. And on the other hand, I found a good field, where I could gather different plants for my school project in Biology for this year.

To conclude, I enjoyed my summer holidays because they were so interesting and thrilling, that I wish I could repeat it once again. But time passes so fast that in the nearest future we shall have our holidays and I shall try to do my best to achieve good results in studies to have a good relax during my next holidays. But I won’t put the cart before the horse, as I must work hard at school now.

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