Сочинение по английскому на тему. My ideal house

It is essential for everyone to have a place to live. First of all, our house is our shelter. There we hide ourselves from bad weather and come back tired after work, restoring our strength for the next day. In other words, we feel ourselves safe and secure in our houses. At the same time, our accommodation can be a reflection of our personality as well as our preferences in food, clothing, hairstyle, etc. Despite the fact that we may not always be able to live in the house of our dreams, each of us surely knows how the ideal house is supposed to look like, as well as the location. Here I will try to describe a place which is perfect for me.

Firstly, the size is important. I understand that someday I will have a family, and since I would like to have at least two children, a small apartment with one bedroom is definitely not an option. Instead, I see my ideal place to live as a big house with at least three bedrooms and two restrooms, a big spacious kitchen with a separate dining room, where we can eat all together and discuss how our day was. Also, it should have two floors with a spiral starcase connecting them. Of course, there must be an attic on the top, where a playroom for children can be settled.

Secondly, my ideal house can't be such without proper interior design. If choosing between classic and modern, I will certainly prefer modern Scandinavian interior style, which can be described as quite simple, but very spacious and convenient with its soft natural colors, cozy wooden furniture, several floor-to-ceiling windows without curtains and necessary presence of a fireplace. In the daytime, all the rooms will be full of daylight, and also nice view from the window is a must. I would definitely prefer to have a garden in order to be able to organize summer barbecue in summer.

Talking about our ideal place to live, it would be wrong not to mention the location of such a place. Some people prefer to live in the center of a big city, others choose the quiet countryside. I live in a big city, but since my big family house is impossible to build there, quiet suburb will be a right choice in my opinion. In this case, we will surely need a car, that's why my ideal accommodation will be even better with a garage.

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